Our Story

J Ludlow wines are produced in the Idyllic Santa Ynez Valley in the appellation of Happy Canyon and Santa Rita Hills.

The owners Jane and Allan Jones and their son William fell in love with the Valley during one of their many trips to California. Stumbling upon a beautiful ranch in Happy Canyon, they quickly developed an interest in wine, purchasing Westerly Stud Farm in 2007. Keeping production small their dedication to their craft is evident by the numerous awards and accolades.

Family ties inspire each varietal. ‘Kemsley’ Cabernet Sauvignon – is named after Allan who holds the prestigious title of Lord Kemsley. The winery is named after the street that Allan was born, and of course the 2008 ‘Jane’ Merlot, a gold medal winner in the Los Angeles International Wine Completion and the San Francisco International wine completion is named after Jane.

Sourcing  most of their grapes from Camp 4 and La Presa Vineyards in the Valley, the winery strives to keep things local and family run, dedicated to great taste and sheer enjoyment.

It is not surprising that the family were drawn to the production of wine as their history is that of Coffee Roasting and production in the Middle East where they are the largest coffee producing company in the region.

Their passion is to create wine and coffee of the highest quality ensuring the customer has an experience to remember, and the desire to keep returning for more.